Ashantee Medal with Coomassie Clasp to RN and RM

Many collectors describe the reverse of this medal which features bush fighting between British soldiers and Ashanti warriors as their favourite amongst the campaign medals issued during the Victorian period.                             The Coomassie clasp

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Military Merit Cross, First Class

Introduction In this blog I am going to discuss the Military Merit Cross, first class in some detail. Readers may wish to review the previous blogs I have published on the Military Merit Cross prior to reading this one. The previous blog titles are: Five Military Merit

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A Rare Anhalt-Köthen Medal for Civil Service

The Anhalt-Köthen Medal for Merit, Attachment and Loyalty was founded by Duke Heinrich of Anhalt-Köthen (reigned from 1830 to 1847), in the year 1835, for outstanding merit of subaltern officials. After the founding of the House Order of Albert the Bear, and its Merit Medal, in the

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The Huey Long Toilet Seat Medal

Donald Trump is not the first controversial politician in American history and probably won’t be the last. Governor (later Senator), Huey P. Long, of Louisiana, was among the most controversial politicians of his time and will always rank near the top of the list for colorful statements.

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US Distinguished Service Medal to a British Officer

On the “Medal Collectors’ Cooperative” blog on this site, Jeff Floyd recently gave us the story of Major General Sir Henry Thornton, an American who served with the British Army during World War I and received the Distinguished Service Medal from the United States Army. Jeff indicates

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Attachments, an interesting story of embellishment, Part I

Introduction In this blog I thought I would begin a review of the history of the attachments to the orders, medals and decorations of Austrian and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This will be the first part of a five part series on this topic. For the purpose of

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Tipu Sultan and the Seringapatam Medal

The Honourable East India Company (HEIC) Medal for Seringapatam awarded for the capture of Tipu Sultan’s Mysore Fortress has always been one of my favorite medals. Part of the medal’s appeal is the beautiful obverse depicting the British Lion attacking the Mysore Tiger, symbolically representing Tipu Sultan.

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Massacre at Cawnpore

Most collectors of Indian Mutiny medals will agree that there was much brutality during this conflict and medals issued without a clasp provide some of the most interesting  and poignant stories. This brief blog relates to medals issued to members of the 32nd L.I. and 84th Foot

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The Kabul to Kandahar Star

Afghanistan was a trouble spot for Britain, especially during the Victorian era. Fears of Russian expansion into Afghanistan led to both the First and Second Afghan Wars. Both wars had an initially successful British occupation of Afghanistan and both wars also had later uprisings against the British

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Military Merit Cross, Second Issue

Introduction At this time I thought I would continue our discussion of the Military Merit Cross (Militärverdienstkreuz) by describing the second issue of the cross in some detail. As you may recall, (see blog post 4) the Military Merit Cross was established on October 22, 1849 and

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