The Victory Medal, 1914-1919: Part II

Since at least the 1990s the Medal Office of the Ministry of Defence has continually stated that they were no longer issuing/reissuing medals that were issued prior to World War II to original recipients or their next of kin, but in 2014 this policy was revised and

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Using the 1881 Census to help determine the correct Naval Service Record

One of the great resources available to collectors of Victorian campaign medals to the Navy rests in a quick, easy and cost effective way of obtaining a Service Record. The Service Record provides a wealth of information : Date of Birth Place of Birth Ships Served Changes

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The British Victory Medal, 1914-1919: Part I

Representatives of the Allies at the Paris Council in March 1919 approved the issuance by each member nation of a medal to commemorate the victory over the Central Powers.  The medal was to be in bronze with a mount and color similar to the French War Medal

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The House Order of Hohenzollern during the Exile of Wilhlem II.

Eagle of Knights

Awarding the House Order of Hohenzollern in Exile based on the example of private secretary to the Crown Prince Wilhelm, Arthur Berg.

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Military Maria Theresia Order, Part I: Background and History

In this blog I am going to commence a discussion about the Military Maria Theresia Order (Militär-Maria-Theresien-Orden). This order, I think, can reasonably be described as one of the premier awards for bravery and exceptional military accomplishment. Within Austria and later the Austro-Hungarian Empire it was revered.

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Origins of the Military General Service Medal (1793-1814)

The Military General Service Medal along with the Naval General Service Medal and Army of India Medal have long been known as The Three Classic Retrospective Medals in the British medal collecting community. Retrospective is an appropriate descriptor as the Military General Service Medal was finally issued

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The clasps on the Queen’s South Africa Medal

The Anglo- Boer war 1899-1902 sometimes known and the 2nd Boer War was the last major conflict that occurred during Queen Victoria’s reign and the largest. The British and Commonwealth participants numbered in excess of 400,000. As a result, the medal is not uncommon and the wide

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Military Merit Cross, First Issue 1849

On this occasion, I thought I would continue our discussion of the Military Merit Cross by describing the first issue of the cross in detail. This is another example of the kinds of discussions we can have and will provide a chance to share information on this

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The Miniature Medals of Field Marshal Sir William Gomm, G.C.B.

The history behind the early appearance of Napoleonic miniature orders & medals worn by British Officers is not well documented. One significant comment regarding the origin of miniatures comes from the noted author J. M. Mayo in his publication entitled ‘Medals and Decorations of the British Army

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One Man, Two Unique Decorations

One of the things I enjoy most in conducting my research on the awards of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is discovering a small fragment of information that leads me on a wonderful intellectual adventure. In this blog I am going to provide an example of a fascinating fact

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