Kingdom of Saxony – Swords on Ring

The attachment of the so called “Swords on Ring” to order decorations embodied in all cases a symbol for those that had been awarded decorations for merit in war and for bravery once being promoted to a higher grade of an order. Without this attribute, the sign

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Commemoration Medal for Volunteers of the Provence of Limburg

Introduction: In 1790 Emperor Leopold II established the Commemoration Medal for Volunteers of Limburg (Figure 1) Erinnerungs-Medaille für Freiwilligeaus der Provinz Limburg) as a reward for bravery or especially meritorious service to the empire by those volunteers from the Austrian Netherlands/Belgium province of Limburg who responded to

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Royal Navy Anchor variant Long Service & Good Conduct Medal – Roll and Extant List

Since my last blogs, where I announced the Royal Navy WIDE suspender Long Service and Good Conduct medal roll and extant list,  I have now added all the Royal Marines from the Douglas Morris roll, along with some more known extant medals.  So please use this roll

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Blood is thicker than water, Taku Forts 1859

  The common approach to awarding British medals or clasps only for victories has a downside. What interesting events took place that were characterized as a defeat and  therefore did not end up with a  medal or clasp to commemorate the event? I don’t know much about

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The Birth of Federal Campaign Medals

Introduction For a first blog about US medals I thought that it would be appropriate to highlight the behind-the-scenes deliberations that were instrumental in creating the modern American medals system that exists today. What I’ve done is copied a half dozen or so US National Archives documents

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Battle of Copenhagen 1801: 49th Foot

  I’ve previously written a blog (click link to view it) on the medals issued by Denmark for the defense of Copenhagen at Nelson’s famous battle on April 2nd 1801. In this blog, I will focus on the British Naval General Service Medal 1793-1840 (NGS), which was

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Attachments Part VI: Swords Found on Austro-Hungarian Decorations and variations.

Introduction In this blog which is the sixth, and last part, of the series on attachments to Austro-Hungarian orders, medals and decorations, I will review the swords attachment as found on Austro-Hungarian decorations and the last attachment authorized by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is appropriately, it seems

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An Officer’s Custom-made Bavarian Military Commemorative for 1813-1815

The Bavarian Military Commemorative for 1813, 1814, and 1815 (Militärdenkzeichen für 1813, 1814, und 1815) was founded on December 4, 1814 by King Maxmilian Joseph I. for all, “on the payroll of the mobilized army in the years 1813 and 1814, or who were recorded in only

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Attachments Part V: Swords as found on Austro-Hungarian Orders

The Swords Attachment A major embellishment to Austro-Hungarian Orders was the addition of swords. Swords were authorized on December 13, 1916 and were subsequently added to several of the orders to signify the award had been granted for bravery. When awarded on the higher classes of the

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British Victory Medal 1914-1919 Part III: Statistics

In earlier blog’s (Part I and Part II) I’ve discussed evidence for the British Type I Victory Medal and the manner in which one could identify Type I Victory Medals. In those blogs it was established that by mid-1920 at least 33,190 Type I Victory Medals were

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