Belgian Marks on a Prussian Star of the Red Eagle Order

The depicted star is a very special example of the Red Eagle Order. Besides its unusual marksmanship and beauty one will see on its revers in the center of the star body a double maker mark from B.Wolfers as well as an unidentified mark on the needle and star itself.

Red Eagle Order Star 2nd Class

Figure 1 – Private purchase Red Eagle Order Star 2nd Class – avers

Red Eagle Order Star 2nd Class revers

Figure 2 – Private purchase Red Eagle Order Star 2nd Class – revers


Knowing the different techniques between a Belgian orders jeweler and a Prussian it is immediately apparent that this piece was not made by Wolfers. Once taking a closer look one will discover, that Wolfers covered a Godet mark. The original mark being almost twice the size of the Wolfers mark required the double mark for a full cover up. This was quite common whenever a jeweler had to repair a piece from a competitor. Pieces are known where Godet would cover up Hossauer markings etc.

Does anybody know about the unknown mark?

Andreas M. Schulze Ising

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