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Commemoration Medal for Volunteers of the Dutch Provence, 1794

Introduction: This medal was issued by Francis II as a reward for Dutch citizens who had volunteered to serve in the allied forces or who had rendered support to the Austrian Army in the war against the French Republic The Coalition army’s Austrians together with a small

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Military Merit Medal, 1917-1920, Part II

Introduction: The Military Merit Medal (Militärverdienstmedaille), 1911-1917 is not at first glance a very important looking decoration. However to the Austrian officer corps and to the empire it was a decoration of substantial significance. This can be recognized when one considers that in the order of precedence

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List of Recommended Great War Websites

Special thanks to Dwight Mercer / aka Borden Battery, CEF Study Group, Canada or sharing their  List of Recommended Great War Websites. Click here to download the PDF list  

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