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1870/71 Bavarian Silver Military Merit Medal Recipient Georg Eschenbecher

        During the German-French 1870/71 War Georg Eschenbecher was a member of the 6th Infantry Regiment “King William of Prussia” (6. Infanterie-Regiment „König Wilhelm von Preußen”).  He was awarded the Bavarian Military Merit Medal in Silver (bayerische silberne Militär-Verdienst-Medaille) for action on September 19, 1870:  

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Condition? It’s a large part of the story

The condition of a medal can play an important role in whether or not a collector decides that it fits into his collection. Most collectors will shy away from a medal that shows obvious signs of abuse or odd condition problems. Here’s an example where condition plays

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Merit Medal for Royal and Imperial Military Doctors and Regimental Surgeons

Introduction: In 1785 Joseph II established the Emperor Joseph Medical Academy in Vienna. The academy was founded as an academic institution for the training of military physicians and surgeons. On this occasion it was also deemed appropriate to create and award to recognize physicians and surgeons for

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Franz Joseph Bravery Medal 1915-1917, Part II

Introduction: In this blog I am going to conclude the discussion of the Bravery Medal (Tapferkeitsmedaille) that was issued in 1915 with the image of Franz Joseph on the obverse. The Bravery Medal as a decoration had existed since it was first established by Joseph II in

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Arts and Science

After coming across a very unique Arts and Science medal, I was very much inclined to post it here as to tilt the scale of all German blogs to another type of decorations. Honoring the Art and Science has a long tradition. From non wearable state awards

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