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Franz Joseph Bravery Medal 1866-1915

Introduction: In this blog I am going to discuss the Bravery Medal (Tapferkeitsmedaille) that was issued in 1866 with the image of Franz Joseph on the obverse. The Bravery Medal as a decoration had existed since it was first established by Joseph II in 1789. The first

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Maria Theresia Honor Medal, 1765-1780

Introduction:  In 1765 when Maria Theresia was ruling the Austrian Empire with her husband Franz Stephan von Lothringian as Empress Consort, Archduchess of Austria and Queen of Hungary, medals were typically issued with her image and that of her husband on the obverse. In this case however

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Jeweled Austrian Awards Part III

Introduction: In the history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire there were 11 awards that were issued in jeweled versions. Seven of these awards were authorized by statute, three were awarded at the direction of the emperor even though there was no statutory provision for them and one was

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Honorary medal for the primate’s, later Grand Ducal Frankfurt troops who fought in Spain

Frankfurt Troops in Spain

During the “War of the Fifth Coalition” in 1809, Frankfurt was ordered to aid the french troops to fight against Britain and Austria.  The embarkation order to set out for Spain was issued on August 10. 1808. Initially 868 men, called the „1. Bataillon des Regiments von Zweyer“,

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