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Bavarian Gold Bravery Medal Recipient Ludwig Schefthaller

The type of Bavarian Bravery Medal citation shown below detailed the actions of a soldier who was awarded the Gold Bavarian Bravery Medal.  This type of document was issued as a companion document to the official award document (Verleihungs-Urkunde).  The document was a pre-printed single page and the particulars

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A medal group that I wish I owned!

Each of us has at least one medal group that we wish we could add to our collection, but probably will never find.  The article below which I published in the Journal of the Royal Artillery some years ago describes the group that I wish  I owned

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Tyrolean 1797 Commemoration and Merit Decoration

Introduction: In this blog I am going to discuss the Tyrolean Commemoration and Merit Decoration (Tiroler Errinerungs und Verdienstdekoration). This decoration was issued by Emperor Franz II in 1797 to reward those Tirolean’s who took up arms in support of the Austrian army and who displayed exceptional

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Bravery Medal, 1810-1839

Introduction: In this blog I am going to discuss the 1810-1839 Bravery Medal (Tapferkeitsmedaille). These were the seventh and eighth medals issued by the Austrian Empire specifically as a bravery medal and the first to be called Bravery Medal. In this and subsequent blogs I am going

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The Abyssinia Medal (1867-1868) to the RN

The Medal This attractive medal sanctioned in March 1869 is possibly the most unusual British medal of the Victorian Era, its suspender consisting of an imperial crown and ring was never used again for a campaign medal and the embossed naming of the recipient is reminiscent of

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