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Attachments, an interesting story of embellishment, Part III

Introduction In this blog, which is the third part of the series on attachments, I will review the attachments associated with the 1898 Jubilee Medals and the Kleine badges. You may wish to view the first two blogs in this series before proceeding so that you can

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The man behind the menu holder

Many medal collectors look at curios made from medals and consider them to be defaced and the practice of converting them to jewelry, belt buckles or other artifacts to be sacrilegious. I find myself drawn to some of them as works of art and if the medal

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Military Merit Cross, Second Class Part II

Introduction: In this blog I am going to continue the discussion of the Military Merit Cross, Second Class in some detail. Readers may wish to review the previous blogs I have published on the Military Merit Cross prior to reading this one. The previous blog titles are:

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Rundell Bridge & Rundell – Jewellers to Their Majesties

No serious study of British orders and medals issued for the Napoleonic Wars would be complete without the story behind the various gold & silversmiths who produced them. Standing above all others in the Napoleonic-era was Rundell Bridge & Rundell, the iconic London-based jeweller for orders, medals

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A British Officer in the East India Company Army: Lt. Col. Bradshaw York Reilly

While my last blog entry looked at researching a British soldier, this entry will look at researching a British officer in the East India Company’s Army.   The medal group to this officer includes an Army of India medal, clasp Bhurtpoor, A Maharajapoor Star and a Sutlej medal

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Researching Medal Recipients, Part 1: Free Materials from The British National Archives

Many British medal collectors are interested in researching not only the medal, but also the “man behind the medal.”  This is the first in a number of blogs which will discuss various materials available on line that may assist the collector in finding additional information on their

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The “Kampfwagenabzeichen” – How many are there?

captured British tank by the German Army

The Tank Badge was instituted by the Minister of Defence Otto Gessler on 13 Jul 1921 and laid down in the Heeres-Verordnungsblatt Nr. 41 of 15 July 1921. It was to be issued to veterans of World War I who qualified by being a crewman (commander, driver, gunner, loader,

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