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Military Merit Cross, Second Class, Part I

Introduction: In this blog I am going to discuss the Military Merit Cross, Second Class in some detail. Readers may wish to review the previous blogs I have published on the Military Merit Cross prior to reading this one. The previous blog titles are: Five Military Merit

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Researching a Victorian Era Soldier

Private Joseph Sandland of the 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment While it is easy to look at the medals and the campaigns in which they were earned, research into the man behind the medal can be some of the most fascinating parts about our hobby. But where to start?

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Attachments, an interesting story of embellishment, Part II

Introduction In this blog, which is the second part of the series on attachments I will review the history of the war decoration attachment to the Orders and decorations of the Austrian and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You may wish to view the blog on the first part

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The Order of the Bath and the NGS 1793-1840

Background Here, I will only give a brief introduction to The Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath, as it is officially named. The outstanding authoritative work by James Risk[2] should be consulted for more details, also a series of future blogs by ChrisC, will go into

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