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The Kabul to Kandahar Star

Afghanistan was a trouble spot for Britain, especially during the Victorian era. Fears of Russian expansion into Afghanistan led to both the First and Second Afghan Wars. Both wars had an initially successful British occupation of Afghanistan and both wars also had later uprisings against the British

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Military Merit Cross, Second Issue

Introduction At this time I thought I would continue our discussion of the Military Merit Cross (Militärverdienstkreuz) by describing the second issue of the cross in some detail. As you may recall, (see blog post 4) the Military Merit Cross was established on October 22, 1849 and

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Naming protocols for British Great War Stars and Medals

Collectors are often confused about the rank used in the naming of British Great War stars and medals as often that rank is different than the rank held during the service for which the medal or star was awarded.  Below are the rules for the four most

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NGS 1793-1840: The West Indian Campaign 1808-10

    I keep returning to the Naval General Service 1793-1840 medals in the recent Goddard sale at DNW. This choice collection continues to reveal fascinating aspects of the medal and the history it represents. In this blog I will focus on the British West Indian campaign

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Bavarian Gold Bravery Medal Recipient Georg Herrnreiter

It is interesting to discover the history behind the bestowal of an award whenever possible. Regarding the awards of German States this is not always possible, as most awards were not impressed nor engraved with the name of the recipient. However, documentation will sometimes lead to a

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Egypt medals to the RN with clasp for Gemaizah 1888

The Egypt medal was issued with 13 clasps covering engagements from 1882-1889 and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines played a part throughout the prolonged conflicts and earned all but the Toski 1889 clasp as a result. In this series of blogs about Victorian medals to the

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Viilliers en Couche Medal

Introduction When I started this blog one of my hopes was that from time to time a fellow collector would ask me to provide a detailed description of an Austrian or Austro-Hungarian award in which they had an interest but one that they had found difficult to

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Maj Gen Sir Henry Thornton, American in the British Army

        As a collector of American medals to foreigners and foreign medals to Americans, I often see unusual combinations of awards. However, in some cases, the medals are not extraordinary, but the back-story is. The US Army Distinguished Service Medal to Major General Sir

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