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The Battle of Tofrek

The Battle of Tofrek was one of many actions undertaken by the British forces against the Mahdist forces in the Sudan. Originally the objective had been to relieve General Gordon in Khartoum but by January 1885 that city had fallen to the Mahdi’s army and Gordon had

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NZ Medals to the RN Part I

New Zealand medals were awarded for two distinctly separate groups of conflicts: The First War 1845-1847 and  The Second War 1860-1866 I intend to write about each in a separate blog and although this first blog will focus on the medals for the first war, an overview

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The “War Ribbon”, a Concise History

Introduction to the “war ribbon” In this blog I am going to discuss the history of one of the two most common ribbons used to suspend Austro-Hungarian orders and decorations. Early in my collecting experience I realized that two ribbons were used for multiple awards. One is

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Russian Order of St. George Awards for Waterloo

The Imperial Military Order of St. George was instituted on the 26th of November, 1769 by the Empress Catherine the Great to reward both military and naval officers for exceptional bravery. Nicholas Carlisle, in his book The Several Foreign Orders of Knighthood  states some of the exemplary

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Victorian Bronze campaign medals

When thinking of British campaign medals, especially Victorian campaign medals, the medal was typically issued in silver to the officers and other ranks. From 1885 until the First World War medals were issued in both silver and bronze. While the silver medals were issued to the combatants

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Belgian Marks on a Prussian Star of the Red Eagle Order

Red Eagle Order Star 2nd Clas Center

The depicted star is a very special example of the Red Eagle Order. Besides its unusual marksmanship and beauty one will see on its revers in the center of the star body a double maker mark from B.Wolfers as well as an unidentified mark on the needle

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