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Five Military Merit Crosses that Never Were

So let’s start sharing information on the Orders, Medals and Decorations of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. For the next several blogs I will be sharing information about Austro-Hungarian awards that I hope you will find interesting in their own right but which I am also using to illustrate

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Knight Companions of the Bath (K.B.)

The Statutes of the British Most Honorable Order of the Bath were first issued on January 25th, 1725. Modeled off of the Statutes for the Order of the Garter, there would be Knight’s Stalls, Arms, Robes, Insignia and other similar attributes. The Knights of the Bath would

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Crimean medals to the Royal Navy with impressed naming

The fact that most British medals are named to the recipient provides the collector with an opportunity to research “the man behind the medal” without any lingering doubts as to the authenticity and provenance of a medal in a collection. Sadly many Victorian medals to the Navy

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NGS 1793-1840 medals and the Cruizer-class brig-sloops

 The recent sale at DNW in London of the John Goddard Collection of Important Naval Medals, was a fantastic event for any collector interested in medals of the Napoleonic period – of course, particularly for those interested in the British Naval General Service medal 1793-1840 (NGS). I was able to attend

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Origins of the British Waterloo Medal

Eleven days after the Duke of Wellington’s triumph at Waterloo, the British Parliament debated what steps should be taken to commemorate the great victory. Parliament had previously been opposed to granting any award to the common soldier. In this case, national sentiment ran high and an overwhelming

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Welcome to the Austro-Hungarian Blog

When I first started collecting the awards of the Austro-Hungarian Empire more than 50 years ago I could not find any reference materials on the subject to help in my collecting efforts. Imagine having no way of knowing, with any certainty, if an item was in fact

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